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One of the common questions concerning a one-world religion is this: “If the coming one-world false religion is characterized by tolerance and diversity (exceptions: Christians and Jews) how will the Muslims integrate into this system?” [I realize that I briefly covered this in my first article on January 31. My purpose in this article is to go a little deeper into this topic.]
The answer: There needs to be a common denominator between Muslims and the one-world religion. This common denominator may very well be Mary, the mother of Jesus. The Koran exalts Mary, not Jesus. The Roman Catholics also exalts Mary. This along with the numerous alleged apparitions of Mary witnessed by both Muslims and Catholics creates a link between the two religions. These two religions together take in a sizeable portion of the human race.
The Marian apparitions, including the ones in Egypt and Africa, have an underlying message. According to Mary, this message is, “All religions are the same. We are the ones causing division.” This message is easily identified under the third hallmark of a false religion, namely, “Provides a Broad Road to Salvation.” Mary’s message is proven invalid because it contradicts Scripture. The only way to God is through Jesus (John 14: 6). Since it is clearly demonstrated to be a false message, we can conclude that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was not the one delivering the message. Mary would never contradict her Son.
According to a British-Catholic magazine, “A Marian revival is spreading throughout Africa with alleged apparitions of Mary, finding a following among the Muslims.” Although African Muslims are supposedly seeing apparitions of the Virgin Mary, they “are not required to become Christians to follow her.”
Most of the spectators who witnessed the Marian apparitions in Zeitoun, Egypt, were Muslim. This apparition of Mary appeared for several nights each week for years and was viewed by millions of Muslims.
Mary appears to be the missing link that helps answer the previous question about how the Muslims could ever integrate into a one-world religion.
Bishop Fulton Sheen, back in the 1950s, was the first Catholic on television [with his own religious talk show]. He wrote a book predicting that Islam would be converted to Christianity. In the same era, the 1950s, Bishop Sheen also wrote a book titled The World’s First Love. He stated in his book: “But after the death of Fatima (Muhammad’s daughter), Muhammad wrote, ‘Thou shall be the most blessed of all women in paradise after Mary.’ ” This connection with the Muslims through Mary was predicted about fifty years ago.
Bishop Sheen was head of his time, at least as it relates to the future of Islam. The Muslims will be included in the coming One World Religion, but it will not be Christianity.
The key players are: Mary, the mother of Jesus; Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad; and Pope John Paul II. The key locations include Fatima, Portugal, and St. Peter’s Square, Rome.
The Portuguese Village of Fatima is named after Muhammad’s daughter. Bishop Sheen mentioned how remarkable it was that our Lady had the foresight to appear in the Portuguese Village of Fatima, named after Muhammad’s daughter, and thus became known as Our Lady of Fatima.
In October of 2000, Pope John Paul II ordered the actual statue of Our Lady of Fatima to be moved from Fatima, Portugal, to St. Peter’s Square in Rome. His purpose was to signify “his great devotion to Mary.” He credits her with saving his life in an assassination attempt on May 13, 1981. This story is recounted in chapter six of The Last Generation: Prophecy, Current World Events, and the End Times.
Also in the year 2000, Pope John Paul II gathered 1,500 bishops from around the world, the largest group to assemble since Vatican II. They were there to entrust the world and the millennium to “Our Lady of Fatima,” not to Jesus, not even to God, but to Mary.
1. There appears to be a clear connection between the Catholic Church and the Muslim faith.
2. The Doctrine of Compromise is apparent. Examples: Pope John Paul took a compromising approach to other religions, which included Shamans, witch doctors, Hindu gurus, and voodoo. This sounds very familiar to the Catholic evangelists in the early days of Christianity.
3. The Broad Road to Salvation is emphasized. Examples: The underlying message, according to Mary, i.e., through the alleged Marian apparitions, is “all religions are the same.”
4. Counterfeit Miracles, i.e., Marian apparitions are rampant. These so-called miraculous apparitions of Mary, the mother of Jesus, fail the validity test. If the visions are not really Mary, we can conclude that Satan is disguising himself as an angel of light. He has an agenda, which includes leading humanity into a One World False Religion of his making where he will be worshipped.
5. Experience-based Miracles and apparitions seem to be the motivating factor and key decision-making factor for most people.

The above article is primarily taken from The Last Generation: Prophecy, Current World Events, and the End Times.  Watch for more articles coming soon that will include topics such as: the paganization of Christianity, the final popes, and the connection between ancient Babylon and modern Babylon. Any facts that originated from other sources are footnoted in the book.
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