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By Jim Simmons

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ONE WORLD ECONOMY (Revelation 13:15-17)
The second pillar in the One World Empire is the one world economy. It is of interest to note some of the developments that have taken place since 1948. These developments are only a small sampling of the many developments that have occurred during this generation. They include the following:

1. Development of the Transistor (1948): was developed by Bell Labs and AT&T. This opened the door to the modern computer. Once computers became common place, the banking system and financial institutions were linked to one another.
2. Development of a Global Authority: One of the roots of the global economy was the establishment of the General Agreement on Trades and Tariffs (GATT) in 1948. The World Trade Organization (WTO) founded in the 1990s eventually replaced GATT. The WTO serves as an oversight committee of the second pillar, the World Economy.
3. The creation of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) (1948): This pattern of events that had its origin in 1948 eventually led to the creation of the euro. This has become the common currency of the European Union.
4. The Current World Financial Crises (Not just the U.S.): may be moving us one step closer to a One World Economy. Time will tell.
ONE GLOBAL RELIGION (Revelation 13:15-18)
The coming one-world religion will be characterized by tolerance and diversity. The exception will be Christianity and Judaism. There will be no room for a “one way to God approach.” Even Christians today have trouble believing this. Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me” (John 14:6 NASB). There is no place in a world religion for this kind of thinking. Followers of Jesus will be martyred (Revelation 17:5-6). The following list of events is very limited as they were in the World Government and the World Economy, but they do give some idea of the direction the world has been moving since 1948. They include the following:

1. The World Council of Churches (WCC): was founded in 1948 in Amsterdam. One of the purposes was to develop a milder, gentler, all-inclusive religion. Tolerance and inclusion are the key words. The WCC and other similar organizations have diluted historic Christianity as described in the New Testament. The WCC takes an “all roads lead to Rome approach.”
2. The United Religious Initiative (URI): was founded in 1995. It is an organization that seeks to become the dominant voice of the U.N. According to Bishop Swing, an Episcopalian from San Francisco who heads the URI, all religions are guilty of terrorism. His goal: “…To address the ‘problem’ of fundamentalism in our own groups …”
The Gospel, preached or shared, will become illegal in the “United Religious Zone.” The way is being paved for the martyrdom that will occur during the tribulation period (Revelation 6:9-10; 17:6).
3. Common Question Concerning a One-World Religion:  “If the coming one-world false religion is characterized by tolerance and diversity (exceptions: Christians and Jews) how will the Muslims be integrated into this system?”
Answer: There needs to be a strong common denominator between Muslims and the One-world religion. This common denominator may very well be Mary, the mother of Jesus. The Koran exalts Mary (not Jesus). The Roman Catholic Church exalts Mary. This along with the numerous alleged apparitions of Mary witnessed by both Muslims and Catholics creates a link between the two religions. Linking these two religions takes in a sizeable portion of the human race.

The following are some quotes by very credible and respected individuals:

1. Eugene Habiger, former Executive Chief of Strategic Weapons at the Pentagon, said the event of a nuclear mega-terrorism attack on our soil is  “… not a matter of if, but when.”
2. Warren Buffett, calculates the odds against cataclysmic events for major insurance companies; he draws the conclusion that an imminent nuclear nightmare within the U.S. is “virtually a certainty.”
3. Paul Williams, a former consultant to the FBI on terrorism, indicates that empirical evidence does exist to substantiate if Al-Qaeda possesses nukes. He also reports that there isn’t just one team of terrorists but at least seven teams [he identifies the seven cities].
4. Dr. Graham Allison, Harvard professor and director of Harvard University’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, said, “Is nuclear terrorism inevitable? Harvard professors are known for being subtle or ambiguous, but I’ll try to be clear. ‘Is the worst yet to come?’ My answer: ‘Bet on it. Yes.’ ”

There is also the Doomsday Clock with midnight representing “doomsday” or the destruction of our world. The Doomsday Clock represents the consensus of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. Many scientists also believe our world is rapidly approaching the end times. There are many other sources besides the Bible that point to this generation as the last generation. These sources include prophetic beliefs of Islam, the Mayans, scientists, and others. The common denominator is the belief that the end times are near. The various interpretations as to what that means are very different. This is where biblical prophecy is unique and provides a standard to understand the differing views.
 Biblical prophecy is interesting. It is not meant to produce fear but to offer hope to all who put their trust in Jesus Christ. It is not enough to have head knowledge concerning prophecy. Knowing what the future holds should offer motivation to believers to share the gospel with an unbelieving world. Biblical prophecy can serve as an excellent tool to reach the lost. People yearn to know what the future holds. This is easily seen by the wide use of horoscopes, psychics, channelers, and the reliance on grocery store tabloids. These tabloids claim to predict the future by turning to people such as Nostradamus. This is sad, especially when the truth about the future is unfolded in the Bible.

[This article was extracted from the recently released book, The Last Generation: Prophecy, Current World Events, and the End Times by Jim Simmons. All of the material that originated from other sources is footnoted in the book.

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