“This book definitely provides an excellent perspective of biblical prophecy. Jim gives us a greater understanding of end times prophecies, those that have already been fulfilled and those that are to come. This book binds together Old and New Testament prophecies in a comprehensive manner that helps the reader better understand and envision God's scheduled plan for us all.”   — George

“I found [The Last Generation] very interesting and thought-provoking.  I wasn't aware of all the facts about the European Union and the signs pointing to the Antichrist.  I highly recommend reading this book because it will help you understand the books of Revelation and Daniel in a whole new way.”
   — Suzanne

The Last Generation: Prophecy, Current Events, and the End Times is, without question, the best account of eschatological events. No other book is written as clearly and concisely. It has helped address numerous questions we have had about the end times since we became Christians.”   — Isaac & Ruby

“I have studied end times theology in many different venues — Precepts class, sermons on Revelation, reading Hal Lindsey, etc. When I signed up for the study that covered Jim’s book, I didn't expect to learn anything new.  But Jim's book had lots of new and different information that I'd never heard before. After studying the book, I feel the information is accurate and very insightful. It was fun to read and interesting to see all of the visuals. This is a great read for anyone wanting to know more about the end times.”    — Daima

“I enjoyed both the original book and the revision. I most enjoyed the material about UFOs and various cults.  It should be a required read for anyone who is working in the public sector.”    — Jeff

“I appreciated the depth of Jim's research and the wealth of information he shared. The reader can see Scripture unfold in such a way that one cannot refute the evidence that the time is closer than most believe for Christ's return. This book is a ‘must read’ for Christians and non-Christians alike.”  
— Cynthia

“This book reveals current world events that don’t make it to the newspapers, events that could be the fulfillment of centuries-old biblical prophesies, as well as signaling the possible soon return of Jesus Christ for His Bride. The book is full of  principles for avoiding last days deception. A good and worthwhile read. I recommend it to everyone.”    — DK

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